Larissa’s P.O.V

I just graduated from high school last year and currently in college right now in London. When I finished my A level with excellent grades I right away go to college because dreaming to leave my country to study is one of my goals in life. The problem is that I lost contact with my ex-classmates except for 2 people, Maya and Ander.

Maya is my roommate in London. We live in the same apartment and study at the same University but she took different courses because she wanted to be a Lawyer and I wanted to be a Crime Investigator. We were friends since middle school. She’s like my sister from another parents.

Ander is boyfriend who doesn’t text me back since I graduated from high school but I’m still thinking that maybe he had lost my number or maybe he wants to focus on his studies so he had to ignore me.

I still remember the ups and downs when I was still in high school. It was amazing that we all went through it.